Importance of Gratitude!


Importance of Gratitude! In the season of Thanksgiving it is important to be reminded how significant gratitude is in our lives and how important it is to live out each day!  A treasured story about the power of gratitude even in the hardest of times comes from what the Bible scholar Matthew Henry.  He wrote [...]

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Fostering Attachment Bonds – The Ties That Bind


Fostering Attachment Bonds – The Ties That Bind Our lives in this day and age are often characterized by two contrasting issues: being over-connected (through social media and constant “online” presence) and under-connected (no real face time or genuine quality time spent with loved ones. Want to have a great relationship with your child and [...]

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Adult ADHD


Adult ADHD We are celebrating this month awareness of ADHD (attention deficit hyper activity disorder). In our previous blog we went in detail about ADHD within children. In this blog we will explore more about adult ADHD. A wonderful resource is found at:  -  Adult ADHD In this resource you will have an overview of [...]

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