Coronavirus – Anxiety & Depression


How the Coronavirus Pandemic Could Exacerbate Anxiety and Depression. Keeping Yourself Healthy Through It. This pandemic with its rules for social distancing, staying quarantined in our homes, having to isolate from family and friends. Not being able to work and do the things people naturally do or activities that you enjoy like attending church, exercise [...]

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Living Embodied and Relational During Stay at Home


Living Embodied and Relational During Stay at Home Stay at Home…don’t go out unless you need to…you are trying… and yet, are you tired, worn out, irritable, and angry the longer this goes on?  Having emotional ups and downs, anxiety, sadness, anger, and feeling powerless are all normal responses when our bodies and spirits are [...]

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Happy Easter


  SureHope Counseling & Training Center would like to wish you a very Happy Easter! May we be reminded of the meaning of Easter and celebrate this truth every day of the year! John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not [...]

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Easter:  The Hope of Victory


Easter:  The Hope of Victory Easter is here, and it feels different from recent years. There is a heaviness that cannot be ignored. The wake of the COVID-19 virus has put many of us in what seems an eternal “Saturday”. No, I do not just mean a day of the week, but rather the day [...]

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