Why is My Past So Important in Therapy?


It is an important question.  Why is my past so important in therapy?  Is there any value going back into childhood?  I have made peace.  My issues are about today! Exploring the past is very important in most cases to be able to address the issues of the here and now.  The past is what forms [...]

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When Does Someone Need to Get Therapy?


When Does Someone Need to Get Therapy? The question, “When does someone need to seek therapy?” is a question I often receive both socially and in my practice. People don’t question when to go to the dentist or the doctor. Instinctively, individuals know if they have pain in their chest, they need to seek medical [...]

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Fostering Healthy Friendships


Fostering Healthy Friendships Every life is bound to be full of joys and sorrows, and what better way to walk through those times than to have healthy friends willing to walk through our journeys with us. The Bible speaks to this very principle in Proverbs 18:24, “A man of too many friends comes to ruin, [...]

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5 Ways to Stop People Pleasing


5 Ways to Stop People Pleasing If you find yourself on this post, it likely means you have experienced and want to change the exhausting and reinforcing habit of people pleasing. No doubt you have felt the short-term benefits and the long-term costs that come with the act of people pleasing. You may even be [...]

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