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We are a team of licensed professional counselors specializing in a wide range of issues such as: Marriage (including Infidelity), Trauma, Men’s Issues Including Sexual Addiction, Abuse, Relationships, Anxiety/Depression.

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Cynthia Morris MACC, LCMHC

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My name is Cynthia Morris. I specialize in stories of harm, childhood trauma and the impact it has had on your heart and how you relate to yourself and others. Together, we can explore in honor and kindness. I have had the privilege of working with a culturally diverse group of people and enjoy working with men, women, families of teens, and groups to address issues such as:​

  • childhood sexual abuse

  • emotional abuse and neglect

  • depression and anxiety

  • fear and anger

  • shame and sadness

  • grief and loss

  • overwhelmed with emotion

  • numb to emotion

  • past or current hurts

  • spiritual concerns

I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in the state of North Carolina. I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. My clinical experience comes from a residential women’s addiction facility and Carolina’s Healthcare System. The people I had the privilege to work with were entrenched in stories of past and present trauma, abuse, and harm. To prepare further for working with trauma, I completed a four week specialized training in Trauma Focused Narrative Therapy at The Allender Center in Seattle. This work is experiential and integrates your mind with memories of the trauma, abuse or harm that is stored in your body. The result of this is increased freedom for living. I also integrate DBT skills training to help soothe you in your body and mind while learning effective relationship skills.

Ultimately, there is always hope! Are you willing to do battle with what has broken your heart? Reaching out to a counselor may seem daunting. Dig deep, courage is there! I welcome your questions and the opportunity to learn your story. My hope is that the work we do together enables you to embrace pain in a way that increases your capacity for true joy, live with more freedom, enjoy deeper relationships, and leave your unique and beautiful mark on the world.

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