Not-So-Random Acts of Kindness Day


Not-So-Random Acts of Kindness Day I know that I’m not the only one who has had to shut the TV off or intentionally put my phone away because of the overwhelming weight of bad news. Every now and then, I see posts shared of acts of kindness with captions that say “faith in humanity is [...]

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Riding an Old Bike in A New Way


Keep Pedaling and Look Forward I recently heard someone in working on their recovery ask, “Why is that I seem to get about a month’s sobriety and then relapse? I can’t figure it out?”. Many of you can relate to this person’s question, for it is a common frustration in the experience on the road [...]

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Random Acts of Kindness Week!


Random Acts of Kindness Week! This week celebrates “Random Acts of Kindness Week”.  What a fun challenge…not to mention an incredibly healthy mental health practice!  As we all think through this challenge and how we can purposefully show more kindness this week, let’s take a moment and learn a little about what God’s word says [...]

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Importance of Gratitude!


Importance of Gratitude! In the season of Thanksgiving it is important to be reminded how significant gratitude is in our lives and how important it is to live out each day!  A treasured story about the power of gratitude even in the hardest of times comes from what the Bible scholar Matthew Henry.  He wrote [...]

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