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You may be wondering about if online counseling/Telehealth is for you.Online Counseling SureHope Counseling and Training Center

It is not like another zoom meeting or class! This is a very different experience. SureHope Counselors have provided online counseling and telehealth counseling services for several years. There are many reasons for this! A few of the many benefits are:

  • Lower copays usually for those using insurance
  • Ease of access to counseling services
  • More immediate access to counseling services
  • Greater ease in emergency situations
  • Rural communities having access
  • Efficient
  • Secure and confidential (We use a HIPPA compliant systems, and your counselor will give you the access information and it does not require any downloads!)
  • Research has shown this format of counseling to be the same level of effectiveness in comparison to in person treatment.
  • Some research has shown it to be more effective for certain issues in comparison to in person treatment.
  • Great way to have consistent treatment during travel or if in another country (i.e. missionary, business trips, etc.).
  • If health concerns arise this is a wonderful option to maintain consistency in reaching your goals!

If you have questions about if your insurance covers online counseling/ telehealth counseling you would call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask:

“Do I have coverage for synchronized telehealth for mental health visits?” If yes, ask “What is my copay?

For more information about private pay and insurance fees for counseling services click here!

There are also options for online intensive and courses. You can learn more about these services here!

Learn more about online counseling in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida!

If you have any questions contact us today!

Online Counseling SureHope Counseling

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