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SureHope Counseling & Training Center has been a leading provider of Christian counseling in the Charlotte, NC area since 2014.  Our group practice of Christian counselors strives to blend excellence in professional counseling with the compassion and grace of the Christian faith to help you regain joy in life. 

We tackle hard questions.

Sometimes life brings suffering that is difficult to get through, or even fully understand .  When you find yourself wrestling with challenging times you may feel hopeless, angry, or depressed.  These experiences can not only cause pain but can also bring up questions about where God is in the midst of your struggles.  

As Christian counselors, we walk alongside others daily who have the same struggles and questions as they grow through trials in their lives.  Because our faith is important to us too, we are able to foundationally work from our Christian faith in our counseling sessions, if you would like to do so.

Find hope.  

We believe that even the most difficult seasons in your life can be overcome.  

Anxiety that constantly invades your daily life can be relieved. 

Relationships that have been broken can be repaired. 

Teenagers experiencing turbulence in adolescence can find hope. 

The drain of depression that has held you back can end.

Grief that feels like an unbearable weight can be lifted.  

We know this because we’ve seen it happen with our clients time and again over the years.  It would be our joy to help you experience this also.

What makes Christian counseling different?

We believe that God loves each person he creates and is working everything together for their good (even through the trials).  Many of us have received our Masters in Counseling from seminaries or Christian institutions.

We bring a worldview that includes  grace and love to our profession.  Each of us is fully licenced in the state of North Carolina with a masters level education and additional training and education.

What if I’m not a Christian?

Many of our clients are not Christians and/or do not choose to include their faith in their sessions. Incorporating elements of faith into your counseling sessions is completely up to you.  

We provide a non-judgemental space for everyone to grow, regardless of their faith.  We completely respect your desires for your sessions.  Our primary objective in counseling is to see you flourish. 

We partner with churches in Charlotte, NC.

Our goal is to bring health to the entire community in Charlotte, NC.  We regularly partner with churches to support them as they help their congregations with mental wellness.

Many times churches provide their congregants with counseling through us.  If you would like to find out more about this please contact us.

We also provide training for pastors and local congregations on Christian counseling topics.  Check out our recent panel conversation with Providence Road Church of Christ here: 2021 Don’t Mention It on Vimeo.  

Reach out.

Dealing with life’s most difficult seasons alone can be daunting.  It would bring us joy to be able to partner with you through Christian counseling.  We hope you’ll reach out to us via our contact form to ask questions or set up an appointment to begin.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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