SureHope Counseling and Training Center believes strongly in learning and growing in community. We offer group counseling for clients and training for counselors, church congregations and church staff.  We believe the process of healing and growing happens in community.

A NEW WAY for WOMEN: DBT Skills Training

  • Create A New Way of being, thinking, and living
  • Practical and therapeutic teaching
  • Secure, confidential and validating environment
  • Build your inner and outer self
  • Learn and apply skills and strategies needed to start healing
  • Manage intense emotions through mindfulness and emotional regulation
  • Learn problem solving, relationship skills, and how to reduce pain with distress tolerance
  • Replace old patterns hurting you and those you love
  • Increase hope, health, confidence and a life you want to live

This open group counseling is for anyone who is aware they are struggling with things like anxiety, anger, fear, depression, past abuse/trauma, anger and relationships. If you have tried talk therapy and something more is needed, come to this therapeutic and educational skill class.

To decide whether A NEW WAY for WOMEN is appropriate to meet your needs, an initial consultation is available without charge. For more information, call Cynthia Morris at 704-565-9843 or email

Healthy Parenting Seminar

​​The healthy parenting seminar will focus on attachment-style parenting and practical ways to use the parent-child relationship for optimal child development. It will address ways in which parents can help their children self-soothe and regulate emotions, effective discipline techniques, and ways to foster emotional connection to prevent “acting out.”

Leader Mary Shea:

​Teen Girls Emotion Management Group

WHAT: An 8 week group for teen girls who want to find freedom from unhealthy coping. Participants will learn healthy ways to communicate and manage their emotions as well as tools to identify negative thoughts and beliefs and replace them with biblical truth.

WHO: Teen Girls ages 13-17 struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, anger, or fear

Leader Jessica Winebarger:

Group Counseling: DivorceCare

North Charlotte Location

Open Group:  Contact Jim for more details!

DivorceCare is a 13 week group that has DVD’s, workbook, individual and group work that involves a healing process walking through the beginning scenes of separation to an individual where it has been years after a divorce trying to heal from the event.

Leader Jim Katsoudas:

Men’s Accountability Group

Men’s group main focus is to provide accountability for men overcoming problems with sexual addiction, pornography and any other problems related to man’s sexual health.

​Leader Jim Katsoudas:

Anxiety Seminar:  ONLINE Seminar

This seminar is for parents and on:

The nature and manifestation of childhood/adolescent anxiety, including symptoms and common diagnoses
Practical ways to help calm your child, coach them through anxiety, and prevent meltdowns
Biblical applications for helping understand/resolve anxiety
Special considerations of environmental factors that impact emotion regulation…..and MORE!!

Leader Mary Shea: