My Teen is Being Bullied. What Do I Do?


My Teen is Being Bullied. What Do I Do? Bullying is not a new topic of discussion. It continues to be a prominent problem amongst children and teenagers. Oftentimes, adults are not present when their child is being bullied, and can miss the signs that it is occurring. Moreover, as a parent, it can be [...]

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A Rose by Any Other Name — No Name-Calling Week


A Rose by Any Other Name -- No Name-Calling Week How many times have you heard the word “bullying” over the last few years? Personally and professionally, it has become a buzzword, often misused and misunderstood. This week is no name-calling week, an effort to keep bullying out of our schools and communities and realize [...]

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Relational Challenges of ADHD


Relational Challenges of ADHD October is ADHD Awareness Month, and during this time it is important to better understand the individuals in your life who have ADHD. Although the symptoms of ADHD may not be overtly apparent when interacting with someone, knowing the relational challenges of ADHD can help you better care for and connect [...]

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day


Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day Processing the Grief Losing a child at any point in pregnancy is devastating. Some women loose their baby as a miscarriage, which occurs within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Some carry a baby longer than 20 weeks and it considered a stillbirth. It is hard to imagine that [...]

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The Stigma of Sexual Abuse


The Stigma of Sexual Abuse In a just, sin free world, childhood sexual abuse would not exist.  Unfortunately, the statistics prove otherwise.  In 2012, research found that one in four girls and one in six boys will experience sexual abuse by the age of 18*.  Seventy percent of all reports of sexual assault (including adults) [...]

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Back to School Tips for Parents


Back to School Tips for Parents In the Charlotte and surrounding areas, schools will be back in session soon. Back to school means tightening bed time schedules, arising earlier in the morning, attending open houses with teachers, shopping for back-to-school supplies, and dealing with increased anxiety. Along with the excitement of a new school year, [...]

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Parenting with a Purpose – Modeling Self-Care


Parenting with a Purpose – Modeling Self-Care We are celebrating Purposeful Parenting Month, and what a month of joy it is. We all know how significant the role of a parent is, and research tells us that the parent-child relationship paves the way for a child’s ability to choose relationships in adulthood. This week, we [...]

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5 Benefits of Play Therapy


People think play therapy is sitting in a room and watching a child play and accomplishing nothing more than 50 minutes of babysitting. Nothing could be further from the truth. Play therapy is an organized, theoretical approach to assist children with the struggles of life. In a child’s world, play is language and toys are [...]

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Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week!


Mental Health Begins in Childhood It’s National Children's Mental Health Awareness Week! If you’ve ever been to counseling before, you have probably learned that your childhood experiences have a significant impact on the way you are as an adult. Trauma, family interactions, genetics, etc. in childhood all are factors that “set the stage” for the [...]

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Child Abuse Prevention Month!


April is child abuse prevention month!  Such an important topic to us all!  Anything we can do as a community to understand, report and prevent child abuse and neglect is one of the most important things we can ever do!  When trying to decide if something is child neglect/abuse many times there is a place [...]

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