How Can I Be My Healthiest Self in 2021?


How Can I Be My Healthiest Self in 2021? The new year is the time where we reflect on the previous year and set goals or intentions to create positive change for the future. With the COVID-19 virus still impacting our nation, many are attempting new habits for optimal health. We can often assume this [...]

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How to Form Healthy Habits


Watch the episode below to see WCNC's Charlotte Today show interview Mike Vaughn on how to form healthy habits!   Mike Vaughn  

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Fostering Healthy Friendships


Fostering Healthy Friendships Every life is bound to be full of joys and sorrows, and what better way to walk through those times than to have healthy friends willing to walk through our journeys with us. The Bible speaks to this very principle in Proverbs 18:24, “A man of too many friends comes to ruin, [...]

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Coping with Father’s Day


Coping with Father’s Day Happy Father’s Day from all of us at SureHope Counseling & Training Center! While a day of celebration and thankfulness for many, the day can denote a different meaning. To those who have lost fathers, those with strained father relationships, fathers with strained child relationships, those who never had a father, [...]

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Parenting with a Purpose – Modeling Self-Care


Parenting with a Purpose – Modeling Self-Care We are celebrating Purposeful Parenting Month, and what a month of joy it is. We all know how significant the role of a parent is, and research tells us that the parent-child relationship paves the way for a child’s ability to choose relationships in adulthood. This week, we [...]

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