Relational Challenges of ADHD


Relational Challenges of ADHD October is ADHD Awareness Month, and during this time it is important to better understand the individuals in your life who have ADHD. Although the symptoms of ADHD may not be overtly apparent when interacting with someone, knowing the relational challenges of ADHD can help you better care for and connect [...]

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The Gifts of ADHD


The Gifts of ADHD Anyone experiencing ADHD personally or through a loved one or co-worker can easily understand the challenges: organization, planning and problem solving issues, emotional sensitivity, and difficulty managing life pace and general life. It is no easy feat that deserves attention. And yet, hidden away behind the problematic behaviors and struggles of [...]

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Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week!


Mental Health Begins in Childhood It’s National Children's Mental Health Awareness Week! If you’ve ever been to counseling before, you have probably learned that your childhood experiences have a significant impact on the way you are as an adult. Trauma, family interactions, genetics, etc. in childhood all are factors that “set the stage” for the [...]

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Adult ADHD


Adult ADHD We are celebrating this month awareness of ADHD (attention deficit hyper activity disorder). In our previous blog we went in detail about ADHD within children. In this blog we will explore more about adult ADHD. A wonderful resource is found at:  -  Adult ADHD In this resource you will have an overview of [...]

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Life With ADHD


Life With ADHD – The Child’s Mind Happy ADHD Awareness Month! It’s not uncommon for people to misuse the phrase “I’m ADHD” and for misdiagnoses to occur. ADHD can be particularly difficult to identify in children because of the symptom’s similarities with normal child developmental states, and are often mistaken for purely behavioral problems. In [...]

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