Adult ADHD

Adult ADHD

Adult ADHD

We are celebrating this month awareness of ADHD (attention deficit hyper activity disorder). In our previous blog we went in detail about ADHD within children. In this blog we will explore more about adult ADHD. A wonderful resource is found at:  –  Adult ADHD

In this resource you will have an overview of adult ADHD, signs and symptoms and some specific things that can be done to help. This resource also does a wonderful job in exploring what counseling for ADHD will do for you.  The items this resource highlights are:

Helping with controlling impulsive behaviors

Managing your time and money

Getting and staying organized

Boosting productivity at home and work

Managing stress and anger

Communicating more clearly

A common area with counseling concerning ADHD is marriage counseling. Due to the unique ways the brain is wired with ADHD it is helpful for couples to learn how to communicate with each other. There’s often misunderstandings, feeling alone, and even times of feeling shame. There are gifts with the ADHD wired mind. It is very helpful for couples to understand the strengths and growth areas and learn how to work together. Therefore, whether you are a parent helping a child or in a marital relationship where one has ADHD there are many things that can be learned to help with a greater ease of communication, conflict resolution and a greater level of appreciation for the ways each of your minds work. If you have any additional questions about getting help concerning ADHD please contact SureHope Counseling and Training Center.


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