The Definition of Happiness

The nature of happiness, and how to obtain it, has been a debated topic for centuries.  The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy brings some clarity to opposing sides of this issue. From one perspective emphasis is placed on our psychological state. Here pleasure is an essential ingredient to our ...

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What Increases Positivity?

An optimistic attitude and our well-being (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) are intimately connected. Many studies today have found that a positive attitude improves outcomes and life satisfaction and strengthens the immune system. People who practice positive thinking are perhaps more ...

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Why Positive Thinking Matters

Welcome to 2023! Whether it feels hard to believe or a long time coming, a hard transition or a welcome one, a new year hopefully means change, growth, and hope. This year at SureHope, our blogs will have a new theme! You might know that last year our focus was on core wounds. This year, we are ...

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