Communication Problems in Marriage – Get past the Roadblocks

Communication Problems in Marriage – Get past the Roadblocks

Maybe while dating communication was so easy.

Maybe while dating there were some issues but you two could get through them.

Now, it is a different story.

Communication problems in marriage is one of the top complaints of couples that come to counseling.  It is so difficult when the one that you are to be the closest to no longer understands what you are trying to say.  The loneliness that is felt when this takes place is so painful.  In couples counseling, communication styles can be explained, quick ways to help the other one understand what you are saying can be achieved and systems to find conflict resolution (communication’s cousin) can be formed.  Here are just a few specific skills that can be strengthened:

*Active listening – being able to hear the content and the feeling of your loved one and being able to articulate that back to them.

*Empathy – connecting with the person’s feelings and helping them feel understood.

*Empathetic conflict approach – a gentle start up to conflict resolution that helps to lower defense and increase positive communication.

*Understanding how to communicate through different types of stressors – not all stressors are the same and how a marriage approaches them also needs to be different for successful communication to happen.  It is important that stress does not control you or your relationship.

*Solving reoccurring issues – a 10 step process to help make movement on the hardest of topics.

*Understanding the difference between aggressive, passive and assertive communication – many people struggle to accurately define assertive communication and end up communicating in passive and aggressive ways instead.

*Understanding how personality differences can play roles in communication and how to translate when there are fundamental differences in a couple.

*Understand how to talk about sensitive topics with concrete examples (i.e., how to talk about sex, finances, issues with in-laws).

*Learn about attachment styles and how secure attachment can be achieved and the role of communication in this attachment style.  Also, how avoidant and anxious attachment styles are formed and how they block connection in relationships.

*Understand how to grow in physical, spiritual, emotional and mental intimacy through communication to help strengthen and heal a marriage.

If you are interested in getting past the roadblock of communication problems in marriage, reach out to us today!  Also, if you are interested in an online course teaching these skills and much more, please reach out to [email protected] to be placed on a waitlist for this online course and to learn more about this program!  Start the process of protecting and healing your marriage from communication difficulties today!

God bless,


Kelly Saylor is a counselor at SureHope Counseling and Training Center.  Programs for premarital, marriage enrichment, devitalized marriages and marriages working to heal from affairs or sexual addictions are available.  You can contact Kelly Saylor at [email protected] to see if one of these resources would be a good fit for your relationship.



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