More of God

More of God

“Life has a way of eroding our confidence in the goodness of God.  What a ridiculous understatement; let me try again.  Life is a savage assault, striking at random, poisoning our heart’s assurance that God is good, or at least good toward us.  This makes it so hard to find more of God, to receive him in fresh and wonderful ways into our being.  It is here we must seek healing.

Allow me to name an essential dynamic to the soul’s relationship with God.  Then perhaps we can gently open our own souls to the exquisite experience.

More of God comes to us as we love God.  The more that we love God, the more we are able to experience him.

…let me take a moment’s pause here to suggest that in your search for more of God, do you remember to ask for it?  Such a simple thought, but so helpful.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the process we forget to ask…

So, throughout my day and over the course of a week, I will pray for the very thing that I need most:

Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit – I need more of you, God.  I need so much more of you.  My soul cries out for you.  O Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit – fill me with more of you, God.  I need more of you; I pray for so much more of you.  Saturate me.”

 I love you God.

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