GRACE AND GRATITUDE I have the honor of sitting with people who have suffered much harm and trauma.  The work is hard and the path to healing and hope is not linear and usually quite messy.  The people I see are in various places and stages with all manner of hard things.  Holding space for [...]

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The Stigma of Sexual Abuse


The Stigma of Sexual Abuse In a just, sin free world, childhood sexual abuse would not exist.  Unfortunately, the statistics prove otherwise.  In 2012, research found that one in four girls and one in six boys will experience sexual abuse by the age of 18*.  Seventy percent of all reports of sexual assault (including adults) [...]

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June marks Post-traumatic Stress Disorder awareness month. This is a very important month that reminds us of the reality and need to heal from trauma (all kinds of trauma). When going through PTSD it is a scary process for both the individual affected and for the family and friends understanding how to interact with their [...]


Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week!


Mental Health Begins in Childhood It’s National Children's Mental Health Awareness Week! If you’ve ever been to counseling before, you have probably learned that your childhood experiences have a significant impact on the way you are as an adult. Trauma, family interactions, genetics, etc. in childhood all are factors that “set the stage” for the [...]

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Child Abuse Prevention Month!


April is child abuse prevention month!  Such an important topic to us all!  Anything we can do as a community to understand, report and prevent child abuse and neglect is one of the most important things we can ever do!  When trying to decide if something is child neglect/abuse many times there is a place [...]

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Sexual Trauma:  Moving Toward Restoration


Sexual Trauma:  Moving Toward Restoration Cynthia Morris   MACC, LPCA Sexual trauma expert, Dan Allender, is quoted as saying “There is no greater return on evil than sexual trauma.”  Abuse can take only seconds and the ramifications of it can last a lifetime.   Painfully, rape, incest, molestation, sexual bullying, pornography, sexting, unwanted advances and other sexual [...]

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