Americans are Sleep Derived! Sleep Hygiene: The Importance of Sleep and Mental Health


Americans are Sleep Derived! Sleep Hygiene: The Importance of Sleep and Mental Health This is National Sleep Awareness Week. Sleep Deprivation, A problem most Americans can relate to. Sleep problems have become a major concern within the medical and mental health communities: It is estimated around 40 million people per year suffer from chronic, long-term [...]

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It’s that Wonderful Time of Year; Full of Stress & Anxiety


It’s that  Wonderful Time of Year; Full of Stress & Anxiety Ah the Holidays are upon us, it’s that wonderful time of year where family and friends come together to offer Christmas cheer. It’s also so the most stressful time of the year. Many people may look forward to the holiday season with celebrations such [...]

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The Gifts of ADHD


The Gifts of ADHD Anyone experiencing ADHD personally or through a loved one or co-worker can easily understand the challenges: organization, planning and problem solving issues, emotional sensitivity, and difficulty managing life pace and general life. It is no easy feat that deserves attention. And yet, hidden away behind the problematic behaviors and struggles of [...]

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Identity – Remind Me Who I Am


In the month of October we recognize the importance of screening for depression and the significance of the impact of depression.  Depression distorts our ability to truly see ourselves and we search for those answers (i.e. why was I created, what is the point of life, what am I to do with my life, how [...]

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Happy Labor Day!


Happy Labor Day! We hope you have a wonderful time of rest!  Labor day is a wonderful time to show and feel appreciation for all the ways we all work together as a community.  It is also a wonderful time to rest from that work to reflect.  Hoping that this Labor Day is a wonderful [...]

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Back to School Tips for Parents


Back to School Tips for Parents In the Charlotte and surrounding areas, schools will be back in session soon. Back to school means tightening bed time schedules, arising earlier in the morning, attending open houses with teachers, shopping for back-to-school supplies, and dealing with increased anxiety. Along with the excitement of a new school year, [...]

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Diversity in Mental Health


Diversity in Mental Health What an honor it is to celebrate National Minorities Mental Health Month! As a minority and a counselor in the mental health field myself, I have learned about the importance of considering diversity, access to care, and stigma for minorities in mental health. Take a moment to try an experiment with [...]

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Anxiety & Depression in Men


Anxiety & Depression in Men: The Signs of Depression Men May Experience Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Depression, also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression, affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. [...]

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Riding an Old Bike in A New Way


Keep Pedaling and Look Forward I recently heard someone in working on their recovery ask, “Why is that I seem to get about a month’s sobriety and then relapse? I can’t figure it out?”. Many of you can relate to this person’s question, for it is a common frustration in the experience on the road [...]

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Stress: That Thing We All Experience From Time to Time


April 1st – April 30th is “Stress Awareness Month”. What is stress? The dictionary defines stress as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Most people know what stress is and usually have unique ways of describing their stress. I recently experienced a very stressful moment. [...]

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