Thinking Positively with Humility

In the world of counseling, countless theories, strategies, and skills have been developed and are continuing to be developed to help people reduce their stress and live more fully. Positive Psychology in particular has highlighted having a Positive Mindset and Positive Thinking as a way of ...

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Why Positive Thinking Matters

Welcome to 2023! Whether it feels hard to believe or a long time coming, a hard transition or a welcome one, a new year hopefully means change, growth, and hope. This year at SureHope, our blogs will have a new theme! You might know that last year our focus was on core wounds. This year, we are ...

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Grow in Gratitude

Grow in Gratitude Thanksgiving time is here. Perhaps you are struggling to find something to be grateful for this year. It would be easy to write 2020 off as a loss, and not find anything redeemable about it. Below is an exercise taken from the book Less Fret More Faith by Max Lucado. He ...

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