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Ways to Deal with Uncertainty


Ways to Deal with Uncertainty Counselor Mike Vaughn explains why uncertain times are so uncomfortable and how to manage through them https://www.wcnc.com/article/entertainment/television/charlotte-today/ways-to-deal-with-uncertainty/275-8bc8ee2d-cfd9-4e50-8e23-72ba4ef09e1c https://surehopecounseling.com/mike-vaughn-sexual-addiction-counselor/    

Ways to Deal with Uncertainty2020-07-02T00:47:18+00:00

Coping with Father’s Day


Coping with Father’s Day Happy Father’s Day from all of us at SureHope Counseling & Training Center! While a day of celebration and thankfulness for many, the day can denote a different meaning. To those who have lost fathers, those with strained father relationships, fathers with strained child relationships, those who never had a father, [...]

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Coronavirus:  Ways to Cope with Anxiety


Coronavirus:  Ways to Cope with Anxiety https://www.wcnc.com/video/entertainment/television/charlotte-today/ways-to-cope-with-anxiety/275-d0e7260d-bf4d-474a-be5e-98c80a2f0b8e Click here to see therapist Mike Vaughn on Charlotte Today talking about ways to cope with anxiety concerning the Coronavirus.    

Coronavirus:  Ways to Cope with Anxiety2020-03-25T23:42:25+00:00

Sleep in Adolescents, does it impact mental health?


Sleep in Adolescents, does it impact mental health? Sleep is a universal biological characteristic that impacts all species and if it is neglected, one that refuses to be ignored. The precise functionality of sleep is still a mystery on many levels however, data shows it is critical to cognitive, somatic, and psychological processes (Brand & [...]

Sleep in Adolescents, does it impact mental health?2020-03-20T02:14:23+00:00



THE NECESSITY OF BEAUTY Practicing mindfulness can be the beginning of kindness to your heart, soul, mind, and body. Mindfulness is being present in the moment without judgement and without trying to change it.  It is the practice of observing/wordless watching through the senses.  It is focused attention and growing awareness through our senses.  If [...]

THE NECESSITY OF BEAUTY2020-02-12T21:38:09+00:00



Longing Recently I was reading the book Unwanted, by Jay Stringer; in which he writes about the process of healing from sexual brokenness. He writes about the need to look at those things that bind us, through the lens of what we really need. In a similar vein I have often asked my clients to [...]


My Teen is Being Bullied. What Do I Do?


My Teen is Being Bullied. What Do I Do? Bullying is not a new topic of discussion. It continues to be a prominent problem amongst children and teenagers. Oftentimes, adults are not present when their child is being bullied, and can miss the signs that it is occurring. Moreover, as a parent, it can be [...]

My Teen is Being Bullied. What Do I Do?2020-02-12T21:36:06+00:00

Happy New Year! 2020


SureHope Counseling & Training Center wants to wish you a very happy New Year!  As the year suggests, may 2020 bring just that ~ 20 20 vision, clarity, direction and through this peace and joy!  We would love to be a part of your journey to find that clarity, peace and joy.  Please feel free [...]

Happy New Year! 20202020-02-12T11:54:10+00:00
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