How to Manage Anxiety


See Mike Vaughn on Charlotte Today speaking about how to manage anxiety:

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What is Career Development and Career Counseling?


What is Career Development and Career Counseling? How Career Counseling really can help me! Should I go to college or should I go and learn a trade? I am not really be satisfied with my job anymore, should I find a new career? I need to re-enter the workforce but where do I start? What [...]

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Lifestyle Changes to Improve Mental Health


Lifestyle Changes to Improve Mental Health The concept of lifestyle change has been somewhat of a buzzword the past few years. People have realized that fad diets and intermittent seasons of exercise do not often lend to long-term results. Often individuals are unable to maintain big changes like extreme diets and long hours at the [...]

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If Walt Disney Was A Therapist


If Walt Disney Was A Therapist I just finished watching “Saving Mr. Banks” – a story about the making of Mary Poppins with more depth and context than I ever could have imagined. If you have seen the movie, you’ll know that the writer of Mary Poppins, PL Travers, experienced a great deal of family [...]

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss


Pregnancy and Infant Loss October 15 was National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Around 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage and 1 in 100 pregnancies end in still birth. The likelihood is that someone you know and love, or maybe even you yourself, has been effected by pregnancy or infant loss. Sadly, these [...]

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Stigma Awareness and Healthy Sexuality


Stigma Awareness and Healthy Sexuality You have heard it before and may even feel the ramifications of it in your own life and relationships.  Pornography use is so extensive it is practically normalized on one end of the spectrum and at the other end it is shamed, hidden, and denied.  Wherever one falls in their [...]

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When Your Parenting is Not Good Enough


When Your Parenting is Not Good Enough You’ve tried everything. You’ve followed the “rules,” read every parenting book, consulted with other moms and dads, you’ve rocked and soothed, you’ve disciplined and redirected, you’ve fed them to strengthen their immune systems, but still: they have tantrums, they wake in the night, they lose weight, they get [...]

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The Pursuit of Joy


The Pursuit of Joy Happiness versus Joy Happiness seems to be something pursued by most everyone in American culture. From the outside, it may seem like a lot of individuals in your community have found “happiness” and it may feel discouraging that you would not define your life as happy. The thing about happiness is [...]

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Fostering Healthy Friendships


Fostering Healthy Friendships Today more than ever we live in a culture where everyone is SO busy! Many of us think being busy is a virtue, and elevate being busy as “the way” to live or else we must not be measuring up to the culture’s standard for productivity. Unfortunately, with this mindset many of [...]

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