Easter:  The Hope of Victory

Easter:  The Hope of Victory

Easter is here, and it feels different from recent years. There is a heaviness that cannot be ignored. The wake of the COVID-19 virus has put many of us in what seems an eternal “Saturday”. No, I do not just mean a day of the week, but rather the day between Christ’s crucifixion and His resurrection. We often only think of the two seemingly significant days, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, and neglect to talk about that day, the day Jesus lay buried in a tomb, silent. A time of uncertainty; a time of fear; a time of doubt; a time of hopelessness and loneliness; a time of stress; a time of loss; a time of grief; a time of transition. Do these emotions sound familiar? As we embark on this time of physical/social distancing and the uncertain future of the Coronavirus’ impact on our lives, we can empathize with some of those emotions and experiences.

I believe these emotions and the experience of “Saturday” are not the enemy, but an essential part of the process. Think about it. Why would God allow three days to fulfill Christ’s death and resurrection? He is an omnipotent God who could complete it all in one day if He so chose, but he didn’t. There is significance to all the details and difficulty in the middle. This isn’t a punishment, but an invitation. What was Jesus doing in the midst of the struggle? He was still, he trusted the Father, and he waited. Are we able to hold the same posture in this season?

Even through all the fear and uncertainty, there is more hope now than at the time of the crucifixion. The people had to wait for Sunday to see the hope of victory, we get to live in victory today! We know how the story ends. Though it is permissible to feel fear, hopeless, and uncertain, we do not have to live in those states continuously. By the power of the Holy Spirit we can move beyond these difficult emotions and experience a resurrection of our own.

We at SureHope are equipped, expectant, and excited to come alongside you in your journey to experience new hope and victory in this difficult season. Please reach out to find who could be a best fit for you! Happy Easter and God bless!

~ Callie Gross


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