Denying Your Core Wounds and The False Self

Denying your core wounds helps to create your false self. Facing and healing from your core wounds helps your true self come alive. The False Self  is the self we create to cover up our deficiencies that come from our core wounds  that causes  the shame  we may feel because what those core wounds ...

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Core Wounds: How They Attack Your Identity

Core wounds are significant and deep.  Many times, they are wounds that first took root as a small child and throughout life were reinforced throughout a myriad of negative situations and circumstances.  There are many examples of core wounds: I am not enough I am defective I don't measure ...

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A Rose by Any Other Name — No Name-Calling Week

A Rose by Any Other Name -- No Name-Calling Week How many times have you heard the word “bullying” over the last few years? Personally and professionally, it has become a buzzword, often misused and misunderstood. This week is no name-calling week, an effort to keep bullying out of our ...

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