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Coping: How it Can Alleviate or Increase Stress


Coping: How it Can Alleviate or Increase Stress What is Coping? Let’s just be honest that living in this world can be stressful, because it is unpredictable in many ways and throws curveballs. It is inevitable that stress will, at some point throughout our lives, get the better of us. Coping is beneficial during these [...]

Coping: How it Can Alleviate or Increase Stress2021-08-17T00:05:45+00:00

More of God


More of God “Life has a way of eroding our confidence in the goodness of God.  What a ridiculous understatement; let me try again.  Life is a savage assault, striking at random, poisoning our heart’s assurance that God is good, or at least good toward us.  This makes it so hard to find more of [...]

More of God2021-08-17T00:04:28+00:00

Time to Celebrate Dads and the Important Role They Play


Time to Celebrate Dads and the Important Role They Play in their Child’s Life! This coming Sunday is June 20th is “Father’ Days” a special day set aside to celebrate dad’s and the vital role the play in nurturing their children.  Father’s, your role in your child’s life is of vital importance. For way too [...]

Time to Celebrate Dads and the Important Role They Play2021-06-15T01:15:48+00:00

Comfort, Connection, & Confidence


Comfort, Connection, & Confidence Think for a minute about why you do the things you do. Really ponder it. Do you know why? Sometimes we act out in ways that we do not understand, and at times find ourselves loathing these things about ourselves. Many of our motivations come down to craving comfort, connection, and [...]

Comfort, Connection, & Confidence2021-06-08T01:55:04+00:00

A New Normal


A New Normal On May 13, the CDC announced that vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear face masks. This is the day that many have been hoping for since the pandemic started. The world seems to be opening up and going back to “normal.” And yet, this announcement came with unexpected emotions for many. [...]

A New Normal2021-05-25T01:18:39+00:00

Communication Problems in Marriage – Get past the Roadblocks


Communication Problems in Marriage – Get past the Roadblocks Maybe while dating communication was so easy. Maybe while dating there were some issues but you two could get through them. Now, it is a different story. Communication problems in marriage is one of the top complaints of couples that come to counseling.  It is so difficult [...]

Communication Problems in Marriage – Get past the Roadblocks2021-05-18T01:05:15+00:00

3 Tips to Keep Relationships Strong {Video}


3 Tips to Keep Relationships Strong Wouldn't we all like to know how to strengthen relationships in THREE ways? Mike Vaughn helps give these tips on WCNC -- watch the short video to learn more here: https://www.wcnc.com/article/entertainment/television/charlotte-today/three-tips-to-keep-relationships-strong/275-608aac05-1a61-489b-9f7a-c98a41ed7772 Work with Mike Here

3 Tips to Keep Relationships Strong {Video}2021-05-05T00:43:12+00:00

How to Live With Things We Cannot Change


How to Live with Things We Cannot Change Mike Vaughn speaks with WCNC Charlotte about finding peace amidst chaos -- especially when you have little or no control. Watch below to learn more! Watch here: https://www.wcnc.com/article/entertainment/television/charlotte-today/finding-peace-sure-hope-counseling/275-c758fc16-b751-434d-9513-88722b565470

How to Live With Things We Cannot Change2021-04-28T01:40:56+00:00

Blessed are the Peacemakers


BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” (Matthew 5:9). Yet, conflict can leave us paralyzed or running in the opposite direction. I do not know about you, but experiencing disagreement, tension, or an argument can feel so uncomfortable because it dismantles keeping conflict at bay and [...]

Blessed are the Peacemakers2021-04-20T01:30:52+00:00

The Perfect Counselor


The Perfect Counselor If you’re here, it’s probably for a one of a few reasons: maybe you’re a client of one of the counselors at SureHope and you’re reading to help supplement the work you’re already doing. It also could be that you’re a big reader or advocate for mental health and you’re here to [...]

The Perfect Counselor2021-04-14T01:26:43+00:00
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